Cynthia Kuntz
6765 66th St. SW
Elgin, North Dakota 58533
Puggles Paw Spa and Resort

Cat Boarding


We happily accept box-trained indoor cats over the age of 6 months. All male cats must be neutered.


We require that all pet owners provide a veterinarian receipt to prove the cat is current on the following: FVRCP, Rabies, and Leukemia.


If your cat is taking medication, please write out detailed list of dosages and times, and we will be glad to administer it as needed.

What to Bring:

Kitties need to bring their own food, and scoopable liter. We also encourage pet owners to bring whatever they feel will make their pets more comfortable: treats, familiar toys, a cozy blanket, scratch post, kitty bed etc. We want our guests to feel right at home.

Cat Boarding prices:

  • $12/day for one cat
  • $21/day for two cats
  • $30/day for three cats

Payment Policies:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, personal checks and cash. We require payment in full before pet is picked up.

Because our specialized services are provided daily we charge a daily rate instead of an overnight rate.

You are always charged for the first day, regardless of drop off time. On the day you pick up your pet, if you return before 1:00 pm you will only be charged for a half-day.

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