Cynthia Kuntz
6765 66th St. SW
Elgin, North Dakota 58533
Puggles Paw Spa and Resort


Puggles Paw Spa’s team of professional groomers offers a full suite of grooming options catered to your pet’s unique needs. Our grooming services are available by appointment only so we suggest you book your appointment early. Your dog doesn’t have to be staying with us to take full advantage of our fantastic grooming services.

Unlike other groomers our staff only grooms a single pet at a time, ensuring they are fully groomed, trimmed, and pampered without EVER being placed in a cage. We perform our grooming services in quiet, relaxing environments free of unnecessary noise and with the full attention of our staff. This attention to detail and one on one attention greatly reduce the risk of stress, and discomfort in your pet.

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